Jonathan Simmons

Husband, Father, &
Product Strategist.

About me

I'm a family-first man who loves to build software products. I co-founded my first company, "Hivemind Labs", in 2010 with Josh Ferrara driven by our shared belief that:

"Products should solve problems, design should have a purpose, and the greatest ideas are born from necessity and collaboration."

For the past decade I've used this belief as a foundational guide for a career in software and product development. I've partnered with small businesses, mega-churches, grant-funded non-profits and Fortune 500 companies to help direct product development initiatives.

In Aug of 2019, I co-founded a company named Box Products, a web application firm specializing in software for the InsureTech and FinTech markets. In my spare time, I keep my product skills sharp by consulting via my freelance company, Product Matter.

If you have a project you'd like to talk about you can contact me on Twitter.

Things I use

I buy a new computer every few years and like to start with a new OS from scratch. I made a list of the software I use to make it easier to get started.